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» » Windows 10 19H1 10.0.18362.30 Consumer Edition MSDN SFXISO Final (x86-x64) Multilanguage May 2019

Windows 10 19H1 10.0.18362.30 Consumer Edition MSDN SFXISO Final (x86-x64) Multilanguage May 2019 - Free Downloads

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Windows 10 19H1 10.0.18362.30 Consumer Edition MSDN SFXISO Final (x86-x64) Multilanguage May 2019
Windows 10 19H1 10.0.18362.30 Consumer Edition MSDN SFX/ISO Final (x86-x64) Multilanguage May 2019
x86,x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 19.6 GB
Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of operating systems. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, and was released to manufacturing on July 15, 2015, and to retail on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 receives new releases on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users. Devices in enterprise environments can receive these updates at a slower pace, or use long-term support milestones that only receive critical updates, such as security patches, over their ten-year lifespan of extended support.

What is SmartVersion:
SmartVersion is a new shareware
SmartVersion is a tool for storing multiple versions of your files inside SmartVersion Files (SVF files). You may then send these SVF files to your end-users. Your end-users can use SmartVersion to extract the version they desire from the SVF files and update their product. You may also customize exactly which versions are delivered to your end-users.
SmartVersion uses intelligent compression and file comparison algorithms. Only the changes between the different product versions are stored in the SVF files. This eliminates redundant data in your SVF files and makes sure the patches you create for new versions of your products are as small as possible.
For some file's types (such as text file, HTML files, Word Processing files...), it takes a significant smaller disk space than compressing each version individually.
SmartVersion, unlike other patching schemes, is not limited to working with software products, or providing single version upgrades.
Windows 10 Consumer Edition Include Edition list:
-Windows 10 Home
-Windows 10 Home N
-Windows 10 Home Single Language
-Windows 10 Education
-Windows 10 Education N
-Windows 10 Pro
-Windows 10 Pro N
-Windows 10 Pro Education
-Windows 10 Pro Education N
-Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
-Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations
Name:Windows 10 version 1903 10.0.18362 19H1 May 2019 Update
Languages:Arabic,Bulgarian,Croatian,chezh,Danish,Dutch,English Internation,estonia,Finish,French-Canadian,French,German,Greek,Hebrew,Hungarian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Latvia,Lithuanian,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese-Brazil,Portuguese,Romanian,Serbian,Russian,Slovak,Slovenian,Spanish,Spanish-Mexico,Swidish,Thai,Turkish,Ukraine (chinese is not available )
This is 100% Original ISO'S are released directly from MyVisualStudio that confirm the microsoft shared it and is the final..the others source like techbench and etc will come in end of may i dont know they will do a new iso's with new updates but that will do the job!
Checksum For SFX/ISO:
1a421ccfe3a0cfed511905ff7f8da9bf1be211cb *[ar-sa]_ar_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_3df6449c.exe
3241d87d9616c85b6fa28a4bdd95f64151bde08e *[ar-sa]_ar_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c3cb2240.exe
8d9a7b535a679f66b4d3536d8563c79380ebcf27 *g-bg_bg_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_a77f30f5.exe
f74e4de0dd30152eebac3500f4e802f04dda8f81 *g-bg_bg_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c8562035.exe
5d1ed4804787683512b57dc557bf14f70a4fb08a *[cs-cz]_cs_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_45f449f5.exe
5949eb2b16685083d4b98e12d40186dd5e2cc9ce *[cs-cz]_cs_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_a0422ef2.exe
a73f3fd67343d13ffc04531fb59520df3dd5289a *[da-dk]_da_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_121925d9.exe
800a7ed42a793a228f701daed4ea4a223c6ae238 *[da-dk]_da_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_2e22aa3e.exe
274d40a8bce771f8a3fdee4bd675715c275ad24d *[de-de]_de_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_02343d69.exe
8c67516197fd182aab2f9a40244d9a04acba9e6d *[de-de]_de_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_ffcccc0d.exe
111e147dc10808e4a854e69754c3810dddb8721a *[el-gr]_el_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_463b9d7c.exe
4806828d5b9d37f1ad52ee702766e15fc2e49f01 *[el-gr]_el_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_df61dc51.exe
51a771d31927ce88a9106e9070ac98187441c61f *[en-gb]_en-gb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_44ca01a6.exe
784e1b4c7ca5019b20f32cdc90d5cad694d9b239 *[en-gb]_en-gb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_edcb6966.exe
e2ef538a5286a48d7b65eb082370f4278947ffc5 *[es-es]_es_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_b315cd30.exe
d2ddda61b9adbf35d5b25feabdbf4b3677888018 *[es-es]_es_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c3318dc3.exe
99f6d0172a000a9a3de6863c391dc3b3db44b331 *[es-mx]_es-mx_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_ab27dbce.exe
5d0e0ca8e5100ca6b543274cc89574ea0aae2a07 *[es-mx]_es-mx_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_da6539e8.exe
89935dc87d16a4ffdfda4fd746dbc4573397fdc2 *[et-ee]_et_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_9baa9830.exe
5da4d671e426d1447f087a15d711920215f3dddc *[et-ee]_et_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_4e499b49.exe
a2d6bbe4ac2481b5363ea8259059613f0f4d08f4 *[fi-fi]_fi_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_1bbcf93a.exe
cb2f692a7815a074e04cc92c377f40d6a5f09c2d *[fi-fi]_fi_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_87b79a8a.exe
579768659e53c388bfd35e07289be6edb40f0e4e *[fr-ca]_fr-ca_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_88611589.exe
7a9d726b47d0f849e00e32cdf157a96be2439376 *[fr-ca]_fr-ca_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_fa23321d.exe
c30f49547c9e339791c8e308cde1c4c4d1cd21c5 *[fr-fr]_fr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_04158601.exe
e2d5a08575ec04bf640d944b2864b9f990962b53 *[fr-fr]_fr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_fb873249.exe
9c9878d2e6f607b37f8c59f693a6792ff5f859ed *[he-il]_he_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_f69c5d4d.exe
f6e6227e56061edf8d75ad517adab984b121389c *[he-il]_he_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_6eb0f5ef.exe
10f3d58df97aebcbb0111e90d3f57425aa057bb3 *[hr-hr]_hr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_0e10442f.exe
3ece278af7fedbf42bb9d459f1b78ae39efd99df *[hr-hr]_hr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c241838f.exe
2a5293e9949690468dd97a31984639a40d9d9dc2 *[hu-hu]_hu_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_012468a2.exe
294a51f84d996f7b036f031cbae14326c422cf86 *[hu-hu]_hu_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_84cbbe50.exe
6592453b190d36363b78bfe51683759f6cf10bf6 *t-it_it_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_218809d4.exe
9af6c083f12016e75f21752590bb94f7537bedbd *t-it_it_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_39a04510.exe
7aae768d7ab4d4f2c34306045c31c976334e7164 *[ja-jp]_ja_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_2d96ee2c.exe
9c4b14d85623237ba51c0907bbc3bcd94d9dce30 *[ja-jp]_ja_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_883d5e02.exe
402acd1ce24c09a28e18433349b7009e8aa3e27e *[ko-kr]_ko_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_64be459e.exe
bd6bb78534aff0c5cc008865999513ebec38b622 *[ko-kr]_ko_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_541add11.exe
550390533d9ac1c940d8bc26b8fa40ade028a9ab *[lt-lt]_lt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_f5c0c33a.exe
7a30176a46c8ecac5e9d77911e6cecb5d838677b *[lt-lt]_lt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_17d687a2.exe
6119c466a79d704625b3f859b043bff2de3e1af3 *[lv-lv]_lv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_3438f521.exe
f247ba85099ff9f91673253355905fb2f26cdc88 *[lv-lv]_lv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_ef5dc8ec.exe
e55c303e40abc9a60a391a10a7b820996a5be52c *[nb-no]_nb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_6e07f9a8.exe
630fe9cd2c62517e9cb2484a33ea702ab2bf7529 *[nb-no]_nb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_23d8f834.exe
6bef0e7c8dffd34da9837a31d6d6cd852b869e7d *[nl-nl]_nl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_898b90ee.exe
4f41f5d49edb99e97e5db638981c3fa9a2528d40 *[nl-nl]_nl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_f66bb1fa.exe
f001895b7081ed5e41810a921f6b009dbf5d0881 *[pl-pl]_pl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_e974ed38.exe
d82105b94385ff128be76a3d469b8c9bea5c9957 *[pl-pl]_pl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_2d4baf81.exe
f33059d482828e0f4a47891f7093c2a84b91f307 *[pt-br]_pt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_1dcd7eab.exe
74e1b1e7b9a70a63fbfacab857b749d9df586342 *[pt-br]_pt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_ec185164.exe
738d9db54e66d7961dc7a4f0748168add21566ea *[pt-pt]_pp_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_110733cc.exe
1baacd773deed8f4ec956da3f507a10cafa80e22 *[pt-pt]_pp_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_5803cb6b.exe
b39ab616482a73f81837030dc57a3363a47521fb *[ro-ro]_ro_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_920b718c.exe
e3db7ac159d13a5961921731d984454ea27e8647 *[ro-ro]_ro_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_826cb758.exe
124a9ac8985ef3cc31ec947023b484fff374acc6 *[ru-ru]_ru_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_af20974d.exe
75ca3d16041911f0dc35cd11b3da4124783b3884 *[ru-ru]_ru_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c7a56b3d.exe
bd9e7468fcb16e7c55972860c37995a93c6c56e1 *[sk-sk]_sk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_943ad1c8.exe
bfb2de3cc74c948c30c914d89f4bc4aadb8c2e59 *[sk-sk]_sk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_f420cf0f.exe
7f20fe04a108b024c01a7fe4b61cc5d6e16f830e *[sl-si]_sl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_918f1dd9.exe
1614d0900ab110837a3b29544a2b00f2b8ac2f4a *[sl-si]_sl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_20473855.exe
ea4e287d41f5e137866e83790994a8b349d64216 *[sr-rs]_sr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_9e8ee0a1.exe
6c27b0115f247f267e9e02504ec70895ef9fe0f5 *[sr-rs]_sr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_8b0101a7.exe
835fd9dd4b17307fe85e84c350843338e3708607 *[sv-se]_sv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_ee64a21c.exe
86bc46020bb4f76f4ae3676eb07d549c9768aebe *[sv-se]_sv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_5d52a9d2.exe
6ed1307ddfdd47a92d4094ca239f5bf3fd0dc3cb *[th-th]_th_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_3731b1d2.exe
3dfe7f8187b145007455a55f4945c7f8f49ff970 *[th-th]_th_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_5c7e3c11.exe
a17b985e5b94fe300f1f1be863e3dd1ebb420d08 *[tr-tr]_tr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_d7b05403.exe
918623145a4d6b6f3f3bc271fa640e4c295048ed *[tr-tr]_tr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_b92bb452.exe
86f8b10c7db16fd2d3940886389d1a1e6e76de41 *k-ua_uk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_e1022cf0.exe
c192659243584f7e857d11a0168aa53135d8244c *k-ua_uk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_4a85251e.exe
Windows 10 version 1903 10.0.18362 19H1 May 2019 Update Checksum
d4945d9cc07c5606002ddf6a979f90d624b78fa4 *ar_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_3df6449c.iso
a1c9efc846d669d8150e83e47cfd134fd24a808c *ar_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c3cb2240.iso
35ec8d1da7fec8b49f23459be9237fed45e241cb *bg_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_a77f30f5.iso
8fb4fa5685a6be8486a09f1dc3c4ddb2970e8e2b *bg_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c8562035.iso
b8e9e3e5086a05b9c76ccd80b548fa87c30e0ffc *cs_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_45f449f5.iso
f925d45eb35a6faab84252386e650b34bcf371fa *cs_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_a0422ef2.iso
4d49dc2999adef09054b175f675564c00ec5b108 *da_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_121925d9.iso
9ea159f10241880a726924d06e0b93c80c162850 *da_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_2e22aa3e.iso
38ba408a9cc1cb137b0242bd8b4ff1cc1dae9e6e *de_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_02343d69.iso
615d733e15b4c0b0c246dea8c8a11c30abf751f7 *de_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_ffcccc0d.iso
a36d9c24a6fbd7bf7e9b864752ba64e11ca7d421 *el_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_463b9d7c.iso
3bb13e88afd4dd4175f385a9cc1ea8a09e246d5d *el_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_df61dc51.iso
10972d3072ee715a6c8e2001754220c9147ef78b *en-gb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_44ca01a6.iso
ff6fb948a01cd810d628e72d08a94ed28fa72822 *en-gb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_edcb6966.iso
344ca92459c23663d5f857c72a7c030f85f19be8 *en_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_b980e68c.iso
e9e187ce83a662619ed05b5b783c12f861e18682 *en_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_b40c5211.iso
f1610c919238b9795bca596248d69078ddc66587 *es-mx_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_ab27dbce.iso
28c8c1aa0c4334db48159f3e21cb7056713191ed *es-mx_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_da6539e8.iso
803ea7febc2030f3f01e3990c5ca84876f792686 *es_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_b315cd30.iso
07785485d7100ee63da3bea8f49936158a871439 *es_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c3318dc3.iso
4b47eaf826221bcdaca4e7da410ba3aae54518e7 *et_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_9baa9830.iso
234f4a2637ed5efa944685baf1f565e7e13fd652 *et_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_4e499b49.iso
78be2f09070088eeedcae9e1da5c4eb40cfc1ed7 *fi_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_1bbcf93a.iso
b5606641640636c73fe3fda93e59cfffb884ac0a *fi_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_87b79a8a.iso
e927fab0cb4a76c55ec70d79ea49fb093b4d9247 *fr-ca_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_88611589.iso
5489d1501394e7baa0ac3199d83266e8fea6a768 *fr-ca_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_fa23321d.iso
dfe4d1c27e2d40d52e7d4312b9b8b506b96fc909 *fr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_04158601.iso
1e5c9957d0aafc911ed4cb6a069234b0b6f63c3e *fr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_fb873249.iso
c2c710a256f9d9a90b393553362f88037a755213 *he_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_f69c5d4d.iso
a1a5a9f6ae42d28b12067b3d50fda667ca500877 *he_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_6eb0f5ef.iso
3212ab825838a7eddec42df1f089f5261384dcc6 *hr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_0e10442f.iso
3e752279296aa1e435bb302d3792cf15ecbfec6d *hr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c241838f.iso
be3429dc8fcdbc2a1408bec2a49f9d7dcf356c12 *hu_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_012468a2.iso
fab19d63555088f883843866dfc5aeee55041bfa *hu_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_84cbbe50.iso
b7fb1f0da08468779ab96d9516a1c0b9aa45c80d *it_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_218809d4.iso
7b74f59d558b798685f969a31eda581aaa3283b7 *it_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_39a04510.iso
7c278b800bf511009d690287ed03f59d2f6bb14e *ja_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_2d96ee2c.iso
0d2c3eb5058575f4945b62c1157f5e91028e59e3 *ja_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_883d5e02.iso
b9af3ae8dfb2a567e59a1259970f1f72a57cef85 *ko_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_64be459e.iso
f71197acfc4825e51f1b3e8b84b8d270f03505b1 *ko_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_541add11.iso
c84553b2795cb51bf1aef7c41fd78695c8205e64 *lt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_f5c0c33a.iso
573a9554b5a9eecd1c65ea66069104da47821c20 *lt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_17d687a2.iso
2255e23a3f67f21391fe058d32c2daac74b70c4e *lv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_3438f521.iso
f29f1d33217757616c350fd908799d37cdab22c6 *lv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_ef5dc8ec.iso
7688fd133602339608a895bed24a05e1c7ffef5a *nb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_6e07f9a8.iso
d01ce961ca4637f7b81cd9c3289887786342cfa1 *nb_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_23d8f834.iso
969628f29ac1943c6e478aa34a2018c4a731c122 *nl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_898b90ee.iso
7f8cc639b5eb812429e4fdfbe8e99052a4813980 *nl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_f66bb1fa.iso
b57e60ee38d7d545d800f2f026bffe9848a6f5a8 *pl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_e974ed38.iso
2fe48d4393a927fc9898b109c7d21a3d8f47909c *pl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_2d4baf81.iso
833f6ec285042627f5be5214ebb1687bd800b1ac *pp_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_110733cc.iso
016147da7b77a8c7555b1cea442072c7840a5e06 *pp_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_5803cb6b.iso
209dde0c47be51eaefbc7466e72c5803da1a542b *pt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_1dcd7eab.iso
77772c346af2ae0bc824e25ba45fdce1e034c836 *pt_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_ec185164.iso
1848e545dad92c88a4cbbd677afea468ca7dcfc6 *ro_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_920b718c.iso
7ebd3edb114ea7f1715ac2dad9f0dcb39efb0c71 *ro_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_826cb758.iso
7c58bd350161fc29596f070c0dc69694be7b7e7e *ru_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_af20974d.iso
a7133d6ec8974de125e83a0aa86824547fcbb8a4 *ru_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_c7a56b3d.iso
d9e13cec1a7f21b01e020891138550d8ecf5b5c0 *sk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_943ad1c8.iso
daeb528f203abf43d318725f62005cb16c2cd7bf *sk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_f420cf0f.iso
0f95658f087266ad1ab664c269417a38762fa439 *sl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_918f1dd9.iso
d388ab3775b2df74c73732173102d5cff2cdb8af *sl_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_20473855.iso
04a2ff2e0f9352854e79397a3dc7fa2230e3837c *sr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_9e8ee0a1.iso
67af2d66a88eef179e5952d9598710c87a070892 *sr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_8b0101a7.iso
ea07ecd15d5cc286199866743c924d58a5860509 *sv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_ee64a21c.iso
da55643bb0a01d672cb39f4598a70914603959d9 *sv_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_5d52a9d2.iso
49a60d6492f86ae9a4c1c11706f769e6e7dbcd93 *th_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_3731b1d2.iso
620e54fe7028ef1cba6432a4ab39629923129730 *th_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_5c7e3c11.iso
3057ab3d635775d8c8c0e557703570c22d123af3 *tr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_d7b05403.iso
66603c87ab02e172c2817598d7d0e660a40b6951 *tr_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_b92bb452.iso
03e1ccc463eb59439988a09057998e5c87d4ab54 *uk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x64_dvd_e1022cf0.iso
5566d64c87e6d79cd1b62edb1d650b71ba11b701 *uk_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_1903_x86_dvd_4a85251e.iso
How Get your Language ISO 1903:

The ISO you need download for each architecture is this:
For x86:
For x64:
Next Download below the file and language you want i have combine both x86-x64 files in one .rar for make less links otherwise would be a bigger mess..
when you have both files put them in same place and run the .exe once is done the extract one cmd command will popup wait till is finish..when is complete you will have your iso in same place you have run the .exe enjoy.
note: i have add 3 more files in case the .exe dosnt work...for any question ask me im here too help any problem or any question you have i will reply as fast
Whats New:
Windows 10 version 1903 10.0.18362 19H1 May 2019 Update:
-The rail will now expand when hovering over it for a longer period of time
-When transparency is disabled, Start will continue to show the wallpaper rather than a solid color as background
-The power and user menu now use icons to indicate the options, as well as an acrylic background
-The power button will now show an orange dot when an update is ready to be installed
-The default start layout has been updated with fewer tiles
-Start now has its own process called StartMenuExperienceHost
Cortana + search:
-Updated UI with recent activities, updated filters and more Fluent Design elements
Taskbar + Action center:
-When disconnected from the internet, Windows will now show a globe-icon
-When your microphone is in use, it will show an icon in the system tray
-The brightness quick action has been replaced with a slider
-You can now re-arrange quick actions in the Action center itself, or add new quick actions
-The Windows Update icon will now show an orange dot if an update is ready to reboot the device
-The microphone icon will now show which app is using the microphone
-Icons will have to redraw less often, like when the recycle bin is being interacted with
-Cortana and search have been split up in their own buttons
User Interface:
-The Windows sign-in screen now uses acrylic when the lock screen is dismissed
-The default wallpaper has been changed
-The Windows UI now supports a light theme
-The printing dialog will now follow your color theme
-The printing dialog now makes more use of icons to make options more clear
-Long names in the print dialog will now wrap rather than being cut off
-Action Center now has a shadow like other flyouts
-Disabling transparency will now also disable it on the logon screen
-Apps that use native dropdowns will now show shadows below them
-Light icons in the white theme are now better visible
-Jumplists will now follow your accent color when your accent color is being applied to the taskbar
-When focus is set to the search bar, it will now have a colored border following your accent
File Explorer:
-The File Explorer icon has been updated for better contrast with the white taskbar
-The Downloads-folder will now sort by date by default
-Friendly dates can now be turned off from the column titles
-File Explorer now allows you to create files of which the name starts with a dot like ".gitignore"
Settings System:
-"When I'm using an app in full screen mode" has been added as a new rule to focus assist
-"Fix scaling for apps" is now enabled by default
-Quick action settings have been removed and are replaced with the Action center editor
-"Storage" has been redesigned to merge the detailed view with the main view
-Unplugging or plugging in a device will no longer make the screen brightness flip between 2 states
-Nearby Sharing has been added as a default exception to Focus Assist
-A link to the troubleshooter has been added to "Printers & Scanners"
Network & Internet:
-You can now set advanced Ethernet settings
-The corresponding Ethernet adapter name will now be shown in the sidebar
-"Choose your color" has been added to override both "Choose your default Windows mode" and "Choose your default app mode" settings
-An option has been added to change the Windows mode from dark to light under "Color"
-Fonts now shows a field where font files can be dragged to to install them on the device
-You can now create a security key from Sign-in options
-You can now set Windows up to sign in through an SMS code instead of a password
-Automatic sign-in is now enabled on Cloud Domain Joined devices
-Accounts can now be set up to sign in with SMS in all editions
Time & language:
-While installing a new language there will now be an option to set it as the display language
-Speech recognition and Text-to-Speech are now separate installable pieces of language packs
-The Region icon has been updated
-You can now manually sync your clock with the server under "Date & Time"
Ease of Access:
-"Hear advanced information about controls when navigating" has been added as a new setting for Narrator
-Settings have been added to minimize Narrator Home to the system tray and to remove it from the Alt + Tab list
-5 new verbosity levels have been added to Narrator
-Cursor size now is a slider with support for a larger maximum size and more steps in between
-The cursor can now be set to a custom color
-Additionally Narrator voices can now be downloaded without downloading full language packs
-11 new pointer sizes have been added
Cortana & Search:
-The page "Searching Windows" has been added and provides options to expand Windows' indexing range
-The microphone and camera privacy pages now show which apps are using them and when any app last did
-The "Recommended troubleshooting" setting is now fully functional
Update & Security:
-A setting has been added under "Troubleshoot" that lets Windows automatically troubleshoot issues
-Change active hours", "View update history" and "Advanced options" now have icons under Windows Update
-A link to "Pause updates for 7 days" has been added to the main Windows Update UI
-Active Hours can now be managed by Windows itself based on your activity
-The reset UI has been updated to require less clicks and provide a more consistent experience
-Windows Insider settings have been revamped with a simplified UI
-Settings will now show your account details at the top of the home page
-The Search category will now be shown before Update & Security
-The text on numerous pages has been updated
-The Settings icon is now grey when the light theme is active rather than black
-Narrator can now read next, current and previous sentences
-Narrator has been improved to work better with Chrome
-USB support for Inceptor and Orbit 20 displays has been added with BRLTTY 5.6
-Support for the UI Automation framework IAccessible2 has been added
-Narrator text reading commands can now be used to scan a full window
-The "Not on explorable text"-error has been removed
-You can now allow Narrator to read by Sentence in Braille support
-Narrator will now give phonetic readings when using Narrator key + Comma twice
-Centered mouse mode in Magnifier should be more performant
-Narrator Home has been added with an overview for everything you need for Narrator
-You can now cycle through 5 additional verbosity levels with Narrator + V
-Narrator + 0 will now allow you to read out an URL completely
-Narrator will no longer announce "non-selected" in tables with cells where aria-selected isn't set or when you enter or exit a table
-Capitalization reading is now available for all reading modes
-Reading and navigation commands now stay within the web page content area when you're using web browsers and other apps
-Narrator can now follow its reading position with the cursor
-Narrator text-reading commands are now supported for reading a full window
-You can now tell Narrator to read any of the following goroups of keyboard keys: Hear letters, numbers, and punctuation as you type, Hear function keys as you type, Hear arrow, Tab, and other navigation keys as you type, Hear when toggle keys like Caps lock and Num lock are turned on or off, and Hear Shift, Alt, and other modifier keys as you type
-Narrator now supports combo edit controls and will announce them as such
-Narrator will now tag along with your PIN or password reset
-Narrator Home's actions have been changed to buttons instead of a listview
-You can now render the current character's phonetics with Narrator + 5 twice
-Narrator now better handles reading controls while navigating and editing
-Narrator is now better in reading tables in PowerPoint
-When Narrator is on a slider, the left and right arrows will now decrease and increase the slider
-Narrator now announces the state of hardware buttons
-Improved support for Narrator in Microsoft Teams
-In Scan Mode, Narrator will now see the left and right arrows as decrease and increase when on a slider
-The "not selected" phrase has been removed from speaking in Narrator
-Narrator now announced headings at any level
-Narrator can now better handle pull-down menus in Skype desktop
-Improved pitch change detection
-Improvements while using Narrator's text movement commands when reading
-Magnifier with larger pointers will now pan smoothly when as the pointer changes shape
-"Change how capitalized text is read" has been removed from Narrator
Language and input:
-The emoji panel will now show pages with character-emojis
-Support for Vietnamese Telex and Number-key based keyboards
-A large set of symbols have been added to the touch keyboard
-Support for Emoji 12 beta has been added
-The on-screen keyboard has been updated to dynamically change the hit target for all keys to predict where someone might tap
-Improvements to the on-screen keyboard to keep it from expanding over the current text field
-The timeout period when dictating has been changed from 5 seconds to 10
-Special symbols and kaomoji have been added to the emoji picker
-Pressing Win + H to dictate in an unsupported language will now trigger a notification telling you dictation is not available
-Left Alt + Shift will now trigger a notification telling you about the hotkey and includes a link to Settings to disable it
-Support for ADLaM and Osage has been added to the keyboard
Input Method Editor:
-Text predictions in the Japanese IME now have an index for quick selection
-3D Viewer, Calculator, Calendar, Groove Music, Mail, Movies & TV, Paint 3D, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes and Voice Recorder can now be uninstalled
-A set of new settings have been added under the "Terminal" tab in Console Settings
-Scroll Forward can now be set to scroll below the most recent row of text after clearing
-The cursor shape can now be changed to 5 different options (legacy, underscore, vertical bar, empty box and solid box)
-The cursor color can now be set independently instead of being the negative color of the current background
-The titlebar will now follow the Windows system theme
-Support for UTF-8 without Byte Order Mark has been added and is now the default
-The encoding format of a document is now shown in the statusbar
-When a file is not saved, an asterisk will be shown at the start of the title in the titlebar
-Send Feedback has been added under Help
-Ctrl + Shift + S, Ctrl + Shift + N and Ctrl + W have been added to open Save as..., open a new Notepad window and to close the current Notepad window respectively
-Support for opening and saving files with a path longer than 260 characters
Registry Editor:
-Pressing F4 will now move the caret to the end of the address bar and open the autocomplete dropdown
Snip & Sketch:
-Window snipping has been added as a new tool
Task Manager:
-Details will now show if an app is DPI aware
-A default tab can now be set under Options
Windows Mixed Reality:
-Support for Win32 apps has been added
Windows Security:
-A setting has been added to allow you to manage access to the camera and microphone when using Application Guard for Microsoft Edge
-Controlled folder access blocks have been added to Protection history
-Protection history now shows you actions to take for certain items
-Detections made by Windows Defender Offline will now be shown in Protection history
-Pending recommendations are now shown in the Protection history
-Tamper Protection has been added as a new option under "Virus & Threat Protection Settings"
Windows Subsystem for Linux:
-You can now manage your WSL distros that are included in the wslconfig command line tool
-You can now import a distro to non-system drives
-You can now export WSL distributions
-The file system of a Linux distro can now be accessed from File Explorer
-You can now import and export distros from the WSL command line
Other features:
-Antivirus apps must run as a protected process for Windows Defender Antivirus to disable and to show up in Windows Security
-LEDBAT support has been added to Delivery Optimization
-The Windows 10 ISO Setup has been reworked with a white design
-Windows Sandbox has been added as an isolated desktop environment to try apps
-The Clipboard UI has been updated to be more optimized for text
-Resetting your PIN now uses the same look and feel as signing in on the web
-The PIN reset UI is now available for all editions instead of only Home
-The "Show clear logon background" group policy has been added
And further:
-The Ebrima font has been added to support ADLaM
-Clean installs of none-Home versions of Windows will no longer use Cortana's voice-over by default during installation
-Windows will now reserve 7GB space for updates, apps, temporary files and system caches
-The per-process Fiber Local Storage slot allocation limit has been raised
-Windows now supports the RAW image format
-Unknown improvements to gaming

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